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iLook is an Outlook plug in that assists you to organize your Outlook folders, find information faster and more relevant ,connects you to the organization systems and co-workers, connects you to your friends and information from LinkedIn, Facebook, Skype and more sites...
  • Faster Outlook search
  • Social network connection
  • VoIP with Skype directly from your Outlook.
  • Organization systems connection(Active Directory, SharePoint, Ms-Project Server, SAP, MS-Dynamics)
  • iLook Ads, make money from your email

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iLook ads is a global leader in the email advertising channel. We provide ads from different countries, languages and culture. We provide the means to advertise any services and any products to any type of culture in any country around the world.   
  • Advertisers from all over the world. 
  • Publishers from different culture and languages. 
  • Social network connection, Facebook, LinkedIn and more...
  • Become your own ad provider.
  • Make more money from you e-mail traffic.
  • Ad your business with in your business 
Publisher, also known as an email sender, is an independent party that promotes products and services of an advertiser in exchange for a commission on leads,sales and per click on the ad. A publisher displays an advertiser's ads in their e-mails
  • Publishers are paid commissions by the advertiser when a user presses on the ad.
  • Make money from your email traffic.
  • Send and get high quality products & services from your friends.
  • Choose your region ad provider. 


Advertiser, also known as a merchant or retailer, is a company that sells a product or service, accepts payments and fulfills orders. Advertisers partner with publishers to help promote their products and services. Publishers place advertisers' ads in their e-mails.
  • Advertise your products & services. 
  • Get quality publishers that know their friends needs and can connect the right ad to the right email content. 
  • Save time on unreliable advertising.
  • Your ads stay in the user email box. 
  • Your ads will be read and not just discarded.
  • Target the right audience.
  • Choose your region ad provider.
Providers, also known as marketing agencies or ads sites as Google AdSense, 24/7 real media, ex'. Providers are companies or web sites that collect the ads from the advertisers and let the publisher choose the ads that he would like to advertise though his email. 
  • Be your own ad provider.
  • Create an advertising business with in your business.
  • Get more for your needs.
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iLook has more than 1.6 million customers, around the world. different languages, cultures same iLook. iLook for Outlook 2003, 2007 and 2010.
iLook Ads
iLook ads is a global leader in the email advertising channel. Send an email, make the money. Advertisers, Publishers and ads Providers this is the site that helps you make more....
Quality Ads
iLook Ads site provide high quality ads and high quality clicks. we use My World click fraud detection tool that make sure the advertisers are not wasting thier money for nothing and we give more commision to publishers with more productive clicks, we know when to give more and to take less.
iLook on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter follow iLook updates and news. we make sure that people know about us and we make sure to keep our Advertisers, Publishers and providers up to date with any new progress we make.

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